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Communication and Working Relationships in Sport in Fitness - Open University

Are you experienced in sport or fitness, either as a participant or working in the sector, perhaps as a coach? Are you inquisitive about some of the hidden ‘people skills’ that seemingly make some people particularly credible in their role?


In this free course, Communication and working relationships in sport and fitness, you will boost your ability to vary your communication approach according to the situation and the needs of the people involved.


You will accelerate your learning from experience by placing yourself in others’ shoes during vivid video examples. These film clips show effective and ineffective communication in action, including spoken and non-verbal behaviour.


You will examine a range of communication practices which will help you to build rapport and to deal better with a range of situations, including written communication. If you think interacting with others should be completely intuitive, we'll offer you a range of activities which will suggest how thinking about your communication approach is worthwhile.


You will interpret video examples of communication where things go well and not so well, including peoples’ dialogue under pressure. Your assessment of these will help you begin to develop your communication skills; these skills are the range of abilities, knowledge and personal qualities involved in effective communication.


The course is introduced by award-winning journalist Sue Mott and Open University academic and former Olympic coach Ben Oakley.

998 seats available.
Price: Free